​Ophthalmic Primary Care
First contact specialist care for those presenting with medical eye problems.

Ocular Surface Conditions
Pterygium management, and other surface conditions like meibomian gland disorders, dry eye, etc.

Cataract Surgery
Modern and innovative “key-hole” cataract management as a day patient at the local private hospital.

Paediatric Ophthalmology
Catching it early – squint management, “lazy eye” (amblyopia) investigation and management.

Oculoplastics & Lacrimal
Droopy lids, baggy excess skin around eyelids, watery eyes, removal of eyelid lesions/tumours etc.

Detection and management of Glaucome using eyedrops, laser and/or surgery.

Diabetic Retinopathy
Detection (we are part of the “CDE” diabetic program), and management – Avastin injections, Laser, and Surgery.

Age-related Ocular Conditions
Management and surgery.

Assisting with double vision in nerve related conditions, management of sight loss due to brain or optic nerve injury.

Life Peninsula Eye Hospital

The Life Peninsula Eye Hospital is situated in Claremont in the grounds of Kingsbury Hospital. All eye surgery is carried out here and it is equipped with all the latest technology and equipment for eye surgery. This is where Dr Galloway does his eye procedures. There are 3 fully equipped theatres and it is a modern best of its kind facility.

Laser Suite

The laser suite is situated on the ground floor of the Peninsula Eye Clinic, this facility is shared by all the eye specialists in the surrounding area. Intravitreal injections, laser procedures, Orbscans and fluorescein angiographies are performed at this facility.

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